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    With 5* reviews across the board, here are a small selection of what customers have had to say.

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    Puppy Workshop Review 5*

    Excellent puppy workshop completed, knowledge, support, Advice and guidance provided throughout.


    Highly recommended!

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    Grooming Review 5*

    Alyssia was so lovely with our Pup Lola a couple of weeks ago, it was her first groom so she was all excited wanting so explore everywhere but she came out so happy and relaxed, we could tell she absolutely loved it! Thank you so much we’ll be booking in again soon as she’s starting to she’s really bad again bless her

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    Day Care Client 5*

    Rosie absolutely loves her sessions at the Woof Hub, she comes home happy and shattered!!!

    From an afternoon of playing, going for walks, games and more, she just loves it. She loves all the other dogs and the team there, she literally runs in , tail wagging, barking away she is so excited!!! And all without a backward glance, Mum ?? Mum who ??

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    Training & Day Care Client 5*

    I cannot describe how happy I am that Sarah started her new business venture in Worksop. Sarah has been amazing from the start, we have had a block of training sessions with her working on a few different aspects of our rescue dogs behaviour which have been fantastic. I have also just picked her up from her first day at 'doggy day care' but it's more like a home away from home for her, she's come home super happy and just acting as she normally does, showing how content she has been on her first day!

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    Training Client 5*

    We have been working with Sarah for a few weeks to help with our very sassy, very clever, very big pup who didn't have the best start to her life. She has needed to be taught manners & boundaries, and how to walk nicely on a lead. She is still bonkers but we feel like we have learnt so much from Sarah and the pup seems so much more content

    Walks are much more pleasant, her recall is amazing and she has become so loving towards us all

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    Walking Client 5*

    So pleased we found Sarah, so friendly and professional. Jarvis loves his weekly walks and had fun on his trip to the beach, the photos are brilliant! Love the new online booking system, makes planning much easier